Help with Wedding Etiquette

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wedding_etiquetteIn this day and age many traditions have been cast to one side and it is up to the bridal couple as to what they would like on the day.

In the past the bride’s family and friends would sit on the left while the groom’s parents and friends sit on the right. Should there not be enough room to accommodate the guests then it is suggested that they sit on either side. Because couples are joining a new family, then perhaps people can now sit mixed together mixed as one big family.



  • The groom and best men will already be in position in close proximity to the marriage celebrant.
  • The bridesmaids, the maid of honour, the flower girl and then the ring bearer will enter and assemble on the left side and facing the celebrant.
  • The bride is then escorted (usually her father) to the ceremonial point, or if desired, she may walk in by herself. If the bride is being escorted she would normally walk on the left of the person escorting her.


  • After the ceremony the bride & groom walk out first.
  • The flower girl and ring bearer walk out next.
  • Then the maid of honour and best man
  • Bridesmaids and remaining best men.
  • Family members  - usually the bride’s mother and grooms father, then the bride’s father and groom’s mother, then other family members and finally the guests.


Before the ceremony starts the engagement ring should be placed on the right hand of the bride and after the ceremony part of the wedding, the ring can then be placed next to the wedding ring.


Normally the bride would hold her bouquet until just prior to the exchange of vows. The maid of honour or bridesmaid would hold the bouquet  until the bride and groom move to sign the marriage register.


Not every wedding has a receiving line and guests simply mingle after the wedding, but if there is one, then  the order would be as follows.

  • Bride’s parents
  • Groom’s parents
  • The Bride
  • The groom.