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There are many questions that young couples ask, and in this section, I will endeavour to put their fears and uncertainties to rest.
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weddings faqs

Question: When do I lift my veil ?
Answer: There is no specific time when a bride lifts her veil and is at the discretion of the bride herself. It could be at the end of the ceremony once the couple have been declared husband and wife, or at the time during the ceremony when the couple say their vows and can then clearly look into each other's eyes. Other than the Monetum, the ceremony can be as the couple desires.

Question: What do I do about my wedding vows ?
Answer: I supply a host of wedding vows from which couples can choose and along with that, supply information on how to write your own and what aspects you should consider when writing your wedding vows.

Question: When walking down the aisle, which side of my escort do I stand?
Answer: Normally a bride will stand on the left hand side of the person walking with them down the aisle.


Question: How do I tie a tie, or a bow tie? Answer: See below :)